• The Contra Costa Marsh Complex is now encompassing 500-plus acres, primarily on the north side of Marsh Creek Road. Thankfully, however, no structures or deaths have been caused by the fire, thus far. [NBC Bay Area]
  • As a “fix” for San Francisco’s housing crisis, $1,200-a-month bunk beds are now a thing. PodShare, a co-living company with roots in Los Angeles, aims to offer a more frugal option to traditional apartment-living in the City...but would you fork over a grand (sans utilities) for a sleeping arrangement reminiscent of your childhood? [ABC7 News]
  • 45 people, linked to sex trafficking rings, have been arrested in East Bay over the past five weeks. The “sting” operations, which also included undercover officers posing as sex workers prying for work, took place in early- and late-July, part of a larger nation-wide effort to cull such operations. A total of 26 law enforcement agencies across nearly a dozen states participated in the weeks-long crackdown, yielding 500 “sex buyers arrests,” that came to an end this weekend. [East Bay Times]
  • One of San Francisco’s last-remaining blues venues, Biscuits and Blues, is at risk of closing its doors because of plumbing leaks caused by next-door neighbor Jack in the Box. The fast-food chain has yet to take responsibility for the “foul smell” wafting through the melodious SF institution, and, too, is now in a legal tug-of-war with the property’s landlord, leaving the future of Biscuits and Blues as unclear as the gray water seeping into its hallowed halls. [Chronicle]
  • Two men driving a black sedan took shots at a passing white Toyota on Highway 280, close to the Geneva Avenue off-ramp, late Friday night, suspected as an episode of dramatic (and dangerous) road rage. [Examiner]
  • $40 can still get you quite a bit of groceries, even in San Francisco—especially if you shop at Food and Co. and avoid boutique pantries like Rainbow Grocery. [SF Gate]
  • Is Vallejo the new housing haven in an ever-expensive Bay Area? [CBS SF Bay Area]
  • Finally, a weekend ferry service will available from Richmond to San Francisco. [NBC Bay Area]
  • Here’s are the most eye-appealing bathrooms to do your business in around San Francisco. [Eater]

Photo: Birgit Lengert, via Unsplash