A windstorm Monday night took a small, smoldering wildfire near the Oregon border and turned it into the largest blaze this fire season in California — though so far no structures have been burned.

The Tucker Fire broke out Sunday in Modoc County, in the vicinity of Highway 139 and Tucker Butte Road. CalFire put the size of the fire at 11,000 acres as of this morning, though the Chronicle had it at almost 13,000 acres. So far no evacuations have been ordered in this rural part of the state, just outside the town of Tulelake.

Ken Sandusky, a spokesperson for the U.S. Forest Service, tells the Chronicle that the cause is believed to be a vehicle, and fire crews are hoping to keep the fire "hemmed in east of Highway 139 and north and west of County Road 136."

There have so far been just a half dozen wildfires this summer that have burned more than 1,000 acres, the largest being the Sand Fire in Yolo County in June. Nonetheless fires have touched over 37,000 acres of the state so far, and not yet caused any serious injuries.