The statue of Mohandas Gandhi in back of (or in front of, depending on your perspective) the San Francisco Ferry Building has been vandalized again, although this time pretty harmlessly.

A post on Reddit shows a man installing a pair of glowing red eyes in place of the statue's eyes, making the figure of the notoriously peace-loving activist look comically threatening. As some Redditors have commented, the effect is very "Revenge of Gandhi."

Photo: Reddit

The statue of Mahatma Gandhi was erected in 1988, and has been the object of not-infrequent acts of vandalism over the years. As the Chronicle noted in 2013, when Gandhi's staff was broken off by revelers following the Giants winning the National League pennant that year, the statue's glasses have been swiped off his face no fewer than five times — leading the SF Arts Commission to have a few extra pairs cast when they were snatched in 2009. The staff was replaced in 2013, but the statue's somewhat threatening posture was revealed even more clearly while the bottom portion was missing — leaving Gandhi looking "more like a frowning teacher about to rap troublemakers across the knuckles with a sharp rod," as the Chronicle put it.

Amusingly, local playwright Anne Galjour used the statue as a central symbol in her 2018 play "#GetGandhi," in which a character argues for its removal due to the fact that Gandhi was a "psychic rapist." (The reason being that Gandhi, who took a vow of celibacy, infamously had naked young woman sleep beside him to test his resolve.)