Texas Senator Ted Cruz got an earful from Supervisor Hillary Ronen at LAX on Sunday when she decided to confront him about the horrific conditions for detainees at the southern border.

"Although many may say it’s pointless, I will never miss an opportunity to confront those in power and appeal to their conscience," Ronen wrote on Facebook. "And we must not let them have any peace until there is justice."

In the video she posted, which was picked up by the Examiner and which you can see below, she introduces herself as an elected official representing a largely Latinx district, and asks Cruz how he can live with himself with children being put in cages and families being separated.

"The cages were built by President Obama," Cruz retorts.

A man with a southern accent can be heard interjecting to tell Cruz that he spoke for his many supporters, and "Praise God, Ted. We approve 100 percent."