Authorities have identified the shooter in Sunday's tragic mass shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival as 19-year-old Santino William LeGan. He evidently lived in the area, and KPIX reporter Joe Vasquez says he was with law enforcement at LeGan's parents' home in Gilroy searching for evidence Monday morning.

LeGan is alleged to have entered the festival grounds via a creek and a hole cut through a perimeter fence, according to CNN, and eyewitness accounts of a second suspect — an accomplice whose role was unclear — have not yet been confirmed by authorities. Former FBI agent Josh Campbell tells CNN that "we know there's almost always never a second shooter" in these types of events. Word of a second suspect and a manhunt for that person spread widely Sunday evening, but there has been no update.

LeGan was fatally shot by police on the scene within one minute of beginning his rampage. During that minute, Jack van Breen, the lead singer of the band TinMan that was in the middle of an encore on stage at the time, says he heard an exchange between someone in the crowd and the shooter. Van Breen tells KPIX that someone shouted “Why are you doing this?”, to which LeGan replied, "Because I'm really angry."

Law enforcement arrived at the LeGan family home in Gilroy around midnight last night, as ABC 7 reports, and they have been there collecting evidence ever since. The only person home at the time was reportedly a woman who may be LeGan's mother. And neighbors in the quiet cul de sac say the LeGans are an "upstanding family," for what it's worth, and they are in shock.

LeGan is believed to have wounded at least 12 people, some of them critically, and killed three, including a six-year-old boy who's been identified as Stephen Romero. Romero's grandmother, Maribel Romero, tells ABC 7 that he was a "loving boy."

An Instagram account with only three posts was attributed to Santino LeGan by, including one post referring directly to the Garlic Festival and saying, "Ayyy garlic festival time. Come get wasted on overpriced shit." The account has been taken down, and also appeared to promote a Nazi text, Might Is Right by Ragnar Redbeard. One post referring to LeGan's Iranian grandfather noted that he anglicized his name, and died in 2001, "shortly after I was born." That post went up a few days before the shooting, and the other two posts went up on the day of the shooting.

LeGan's older brother, Rosino LeGan, has a LinkedIn page, and was profiled by the Gilroy Dispatch two years ago for being an amateur boxer and starting a petition drive to lower tuition at his school, Santa Clara University.

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