Some horrible human being stuck a pair of senior horses in rusty trailer without food or water and abandoned them in a Home Depot parking lot in Windsor for at least 18 hours earlier this week.

Windsor police found the two mares, who are both north of 20 years old, baking in the trailer in the summer heat on Tuesday. The horses are now recovering at a veterinary facility, as ABC 7 reports.

Sonoma County Animal Services is now investigating the case along with Windsor police, and the person or persons responsible face a possible charge of felony animal cruelty. As one animal services staffer tells ABC 7, both horses were malnourished, and one was a mustang who had markings that indicated she was a rescue from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which holds regular auctions of wild horses caught in roundups.

As the police department says on Facebook, witnesses say they saw a "beat-up" maroon Ford pickup truck parking the trailer in the parking lot around 1 p.m. on Monday. The trailer itself had a license plate which was stolen.

"There is high a possibility these two horses were cooped up in that trailer for over 18 hours, without food or water," the department writes. "Not to mention how dangerous it is to have two horses, inside a trailer NOT connected to a tow vehicle."

Anyone with information about the horses or their owner is encouraged to call Sonoma County Animal Control at 707-565-7100 and reference Activity #104341.