Three Giants players and the three women in their lives recreated the iconic opening credit sequence from Friends in a new video meant to promote "Friends Day" at Oracle Park, which is on August 5th.

The video, shot outside the Sonoma Mission Inn, features Brandon (Joey) and Jalynne (Phoebe) Crawford, Joe (Ross) and Brittany (Rachel) Panik, Will (Chandler) Smith, and Smith's girlfriend Taylor (Monica) Dunagan. And "Friends Night" will celebrate both the TV show's 25th anniversary, and National Friendship Day, which is August 4.  

As the Sacramento Bee reports, that's the "official" Friends couch and lamp, apparently on loan?

“Friends Day” at Oracle Park will feature a “Central Perk”-inspired coffee cup giveaway, and there will also be a VIP event with a Central Perk pop-up. All attendees at that night's game will receive a souvenir coffee mug featuring an image of this opening credits recreation.