Quincy Nelson, one of the costumed buskers of Fisherman's Wharf who dances for tips from tourists dressed as Spider-Man, showed up on Market Street Thursday twerking atop a traffic light at the corner of 4th Street.

Former SFist editor (now Curbed SF editor) Brock Keeling caught a quick video of Nelson in action, but this performance may deserve some context.

Nelson had put out a call on Twitter for a camera man, but it looks like he found one, and his intention was to film a video of himself dancing to a Chainsmokers song, which he then posted a brief clip of to Twitter. "VIDEO COMING SOON," he writes.

People were quick to recall that Nelson had been filmed just last month dancing on top of a shipping container at the Wharf as a bicycle cop impotently tries to tell him to stop, or something. She just kind of throws up her hands and walks away.

Here he is just the other day, in the street, and he ends up "flossing."

And here he is twerking with tourists, and otherwise entertaining people at Fisherman's Wharf last week.

Do I need to say any more? Clearly he is a civic treasure. The end.