Amazon has filed for a license in San Francisco to deliver beer, wine, and spirits via its Prime warehouse. Entering the space currently being filled by apps like Postmates, Drizly, and Saucy, Amazon wants to make sure you have your sauce just as fast as you need it, when your liquor cabinet has gone dry.

As the Mercury News reports, Amazon applied for a liquor license with the ABC back in December, and filed with the city in April to operate a 200-square-foot storefront in addition to the delivery service. The Amazon Prime booze delivery option is already available in Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston and D.C.

As Eater notes, the location of the storefront would be the company's fulfillment center at 888 Tennessee Street. Also, it's a bit of a duplication of their business at Whole Foods, where customers already have the ability to order beer, wine, and liquor to be delivered.

If all goes well, you could be calling in deliveries to the corner of 20th and Church (Dolores Park) by the time Indian Summer roles around.

The move follows Amazon's retail expansion in SF, with three locations of its cashless Amazon Go stores clustered around downtown. Following a May vote by the Board of Supervisors, however, the stores are going to have to start accepting cash, because the Supes agreed that cashless retail unfairly disadvantages low-income people without access to credit. (This despite the fact that the Supervisors have also voiced no objection to the SFMTA's discounting of cashless Clipper card fares.)