We all have to look at Salesforce Tower every day, and the views from the top are staggering and unique, so it shouldn't be so hard to get to go to the top.

Salesforce just offered a new batch of free tour passes late Wednesday covering the period between August 24 and January 25, 2020, and guess what? They're all gone. That's partly because the tours are only offered one day per month, on the last Saturday of each month, in four timeslots. By the time Curbed had put up this FAQ about the tours this morning, all the spaces were already gone. The RSVP site briefly showed Jan. 25 still available, but if you clicked on it you got a blank screen.

This was after one initial batch of tickets also got snapped up in record time back in March, covering dates during the first half of the year.

I understand it's a private company and they can do what they want. But clearly the Ohana Floor, as the 61st floor lounge/event space is called, is going to continue to be a tourist destination and in-demand attraction for locals for years to come. Knowing this, and given the fact that we all had to put up with the construction zone around this project for years, one Saturday a month feels a bit stingy, no?

The space is rentable by local schools and nonprofits, and if you belong to an organization that does some sort of charitable work you can file a request to use the space here.

RSVPs are limited to groups of five or fewer people, and each tour lasts an hour. But good luck ever getting up there unless they decide to, say, open up for tours on Sundays.

There's a "notify me" form at the bottom of the page here, to be alerted of future ticket releases, so at least you might get a quicker shot when they come available for next winter.

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Photo: Ludo Ulrich/Twitter