As residents across the Bay Area have been hitting beaches and swimming in lakes to combat the intense heat of the last few days, there have been two fatal drowning incidents, one at Crissy Field on Monday, and one at Lake Del Valle near Livermore.

The Lake Del Valle incident was still being called a rescue operation Tuesday night after a young man fell out of a small fishing boat in which he had been boating with friends. As KPIX/CBS SF reports, East Bay Regional Park District police continued their search past dark, but the young man remained missing. NBC Bay Area says the young man may have been a teenager.

Lt. Terrence Cotcher of the EBRPD police tells KPIX that the young man fell out of the boat in the same spot where another person had to be rescued Saturday. That person fell overboard in 44-foot-deep water without a life vest.

On Monday, a 14-year-old boy who had been having fun with friends in three-foot-deep water near the shore of Crissy Field fell backwards into deeper water and began struggling to stay afloat. The friends say the boy could not swim, and while they tried to rescue him they couldn't before he disappeared underwater, as the Chronicle reports.

The incident happened around 2 p.m., and after the friends called for help, a rescue operation by the San Francisco Fire Department and U.S. Coast Guard ensued. The boy's body was recovered by divers in deep water about 25 yards from shore at 3:20 p.m. CPR was performed, and the boy was pronounced dead at California Pacific Medical Center.

SFFD spokesman Lt. Jonathan Baxter explains to the Chronicle that while the water along the shoreline in that area is shallow, and mostly just three feet deep, there is an abrupt drop-off into deeper water, and the boy seems to have just lost his footing.

"What occurred here is a tragedy," Baxter said. Responding to comments from beachgoers and other that there should have been a lifeguard on duty, Baxter said that there were no lifeguards at San Francisco beaches because for much of the year, these are not popular place for swimming. The closest beach with a lifeguard is Stinson Beach, in Marin County.

Photo: Guillaume Paumier/Wikimedia