"Boo-ya!" says the release for 90's Experience, the latest multi-room, interactive "experience" to hit the Bay Area, this one in Oakland's Jack London Square. What do you say, dear readers? Do you need another ticketed experience wherein you take selfies and photos in front of themed backdrops?

This latest "experience" debuts next month, and tickets go on sale June 11. It promises 12 installations including "delectable smelling life-size markers, a deep dive into Saturday morning cereal, and more!" And "Guests are invited to take photos in front of some of the most nostalgic 90’s backdrops while seeing, smelling, tasting, touching, and hearing what made this decade iconic."

What do the 90s smell like? That seems like it would vary from person to person and depend on whether you spent any of the 90s in college or working for the sanitation department, but what's the matter!? This isn't for anyone who actually remembers the 90s, obviously.

From their Instagram, some images to inspire: