Twitter/Square CEO Jack Dorsey quietly closed on the property next door to the one he's lived in for seven years for $21.5 million late last year, a price tag that exceeds the record $18 million Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff paid for his own pad in 2009.

Recently dubbed the “Gwyneth Paltrow for Silicon Valley” and “tech’s foremost manfluencer” by the New York Times, wunderkind founderboy Dorsey would of course live in nothing less than one of the richest neighborhoods in the United States. That neighborhood is Sea Cliff, the tony locale overlooking the ocean where Dorsey has been biohack-fasting and Vippasana meditating since he bought a $10 million midcentury modern there in 2012. But he discreetly expanded his Sea Cliff estate in late 2018, as Variety reports that Dorsey bought the property next door for $21.5 million.

Variety dug through real estate records to find that the transaction “ranks as the most ever paid for a Sea Cliff property." Since the property was never listed publicly, we do not have any realtor porn images of the interior or exterior of the place. But Variety does have a slideshow of aerial views and pictures of the first Dorsey house to show you how comfortably tech founders live whilst Russian trolls run wild on their platforms.

According to Architectural Digest, the new property is “3,588 square feet and has five bedrooms and three bathrooms,” which sounds like kind of a normal house. It’s not! Dorsey’s property is now a $31 million, 1.2-acre estate on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean “with plenty of trees encircling both homes for premium privacy.”

The house was originally built in 1962, and the sellers are an unnamed Thai family who bought it in 1997 for a mere $2.85 million.

And to think that Dorsey has been surviving with just two bedrooms up until now! Well, two bedrooms in Sea Cliff, and another couple bedrooms in the Hollywood Hills for his model girlfriend, which he purchased in February.

June has already been a big month for news about tech honchos gobbling up real estate, as Variety also discovered last week that WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton had bought a $30 million Palo Alto mansion — just to tear it down — to create an $86.25 million, seven-property compound. (Variety reports that these were also off-market deals, and with “several of these properties, it appears he may have paid double, or even triple, their actual market value.”) And just yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had dropped $80 million on a trio of New York City condos, including a penthouse, that he plans to join into one.

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