Apple employees all had a big party at Apple Park Friday night, celebrating the completion of the new campus, and there was a surprise guest.

Lady Gaga took the stage at 8 p.m., and NBC Bay Area has some drone aerials of the crowd waiting for her — which was pretty much the size of a regular concert. The stage, which was set up at in the wooded area at the center of the spaceship doughnut, had rainbow arches over it, harkening back to Apple's original logo.

Employees only found out Thursday night that Gaga would be performing at the event, which was a celebration of finally getting everyone moved into the grand circular campus, designed by architect Norman Foster and completed in 2017-2018.

The main building is 1000 meters in diameter, and has a circumference of a full mile. It is a ring sided entirely in glass, and was the vision of the late Steve Jobs, whom CEO Tim Cook gave tribute to on Twitter Friday.

But somewhere during the concert, Gaga may have felt like some of the audience wasn't with her, or something, and she took a moment out to say, "Even though I was asked to play here to tonight... and some of you may not like me but thank you for coming... But if you don't like it, and you're here, and if you think you've got some shit that you can say to hurt me or bring me down or make me feel some pain I haven't already felt before, then you are fucking wrong."

It definitely seemed like an awkward moment! She also was demonstrating to everyone how to flip someone off with both hands while holding an iPhone.

Update: A fan clarifies "that speech, which she does both in her [Las Vegas] residency and this appearance, is followed by the song 'Applause' [and] this is part of an act that represents the beginning of her career where she was made fun of for her eccentric and theatrical costumes and performances."

Anyway, here is some more social media evidence, including from some obvious fans of Gaga among the Apple workforce who raced to get good positions in front of the stage.