A sculpture of a robot-like female Buddha called Tara Mechani, by artist Dana Albany, will soon take the spot being vacated by that cube tree sculpture in Hayes Valley.

Right near where everyone is forced to turn off Octavia onto Fell Street, on Patricia's Green, the next piece of Burning Man statuary is moving in courtesy of the San Francisco Arts Commission. The prominent spot has been a temporary home for a series of pieces previously seen on the playa, the most recent being the colorful SQUARED by Charles Gadeken, which has been up since last May.

Now, as Curbed reports, we'll be seeing the 14-foot-tall Tara Mechani, which Albany says was partially inspired by "the contemporary fascination with technology," as well as the Tibetan Buddhism figure Tara, and the character Maria, the robot in the 1927 film Metropolis.

Albany writes:

Tara is a composite of recycled machine parts, hinges, hardware, keys, locks, door handles, stainless steel, cable, chain, gears, cogs, copper, brass, hints of glass, tools and old artifacts immaculately blended. She is a medley of non-traditional materials which were all collected from local San Francisco businesses that have either vanished or changed hands.

Like the previous piece, SQUARED, Albany's sculpture also lights up at night.

Photo: Trey Ratcliff

Tara Mechani most recently lived at San Jose's Plaza de César Chavez Park, and it is getting installed in Hayes Valley on June 4. It will remain there until June 2020.

Photo courtesy of Dana Albany