The Transamerica Pyramid is the queen and Salesforce Tower is the king in this bronze-cast chess set from UK-based Skyline Chess. Also, the Painted Ladies are pawns, and 555 California didn't make the cut.

The chess set, which comes with a screen-printed Corian board (complete with detailed map outline of the city) and 32 pieces, retails for 3,000 pounds or about $3,900 — there's also a metal version for around $500, and special "London vs. San Francisco" or "New York vs. San Francisco" metal versions for $534.

It could get a little confusing until you've memorized what's what, but the breakdown goes like this:

  • King – Salesforce Tower
  • Queen – Transamerica Pyramid
  • Bishop – Coit Tower
  • Knight – Columbus Tower
  • Rook – St. Mary's Cathedral
  • Pawn – Painted Ladies/Victorians

The sets are numbered and reportedly ship within four weeks.

The idea for Skyline Chess came to London-based architects Chris Prosser and Ian Flood over an evening of chess, and they decided to apply their love of architecture and bespoke design to a group of chess boards.

The company now sells versions representing four cities: London, New York, San Francisco, and Dubai.

The chess sets are marketed both as corporate gifts and sold in places like the MoMA Design Store in New York.

[h/t: SFGate]