Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanted to shroud his purchase of two Lake Tahoe compounds in secrecy, but now the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider have splashed photos of the properties all over the internet.

Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan have added two huge manses on the west shore of Lake Tahoe to their growing real estate portfolio. But efforts to keep the purchases secret appear have failed just a few months after the deals closed — and the Wall Street Journal is reveling in the irony that the privacy-scandal-plagued Zuckerberg was trying so hard to keep his own private life private.

The couple reportedly purchased Carousel Estate, which was owned by the family of the late investment banker Robert Quist, for $22 million in December, and followed that up by purchasing a next-door property, Brushwood Estate, in January for $37 million. The latter property has been on the market since 2017, when it was listed for $45 million. In total, the two properties give the Zuckerberg-Chans 600 feet of private waterfront — and they've allegedly been in talks with a San Francisco couple about purchasing a third property across the street, ensuring total privacy for their compound.

According to people familiar with the deals, Zuckerberg asked that all photos of the listings be scrubbed from the internet.

But lookie here! Business Insider has published all the listing photos from the Carousel Estate, if you want to browse through.

Per the Journal:

While many of the country’s mega-wealthy attempt to shield their purchases under LLCs and NDAs, Mr. Zuckerberg’s pursuit, which can involve large swaths of land and multiple lots for massive sums of money, is a bit more aggressive than most. And his pursuit is considered by many real-estate veterans to be a tad ironic, given the recent scrutiny his company has faced over its handling of Facebook users’ personal information.

The Zuckerberg-Chans now own homes in both Palo Alto (where they also purchased four properties surrounding their own) and San Francisco, as well as 700 acres of beachfront property on the Hawaiian island of Kauai that they purchased in 2014 for over $100 million.

Photo: Photo-tecture