The Museum of Ice Cream has for the second time in two months been foiled in its effort to get a liquor license at its One Grant Street location, and the Board of Supervisors seems especially annoyed that the Instagram trap announced it was opening a mezzanine bar before it had even gotten a license.

The interactive "museum," which just reopened on April 4 after a hiatus with a new "theatrical" element, originally tried to apply for a Type 42 beer-and-wine license back in February. As the Examiner reports, the Supervisors rejected the permit then, saying that there were already too many places to get a drink in that neighborhood and it didn't need any more. The MOIC then reapplied this month with a slight modification of its hours, and the Supes said no once again at their Tuesday meeting, voting 11-0 to shoot down the application.

The museum issued a statement saying that it "will be appealing this license decision," but as the Ex notes via Sup. Aaron Peskin, no such appeal process exists for these licenses.

The MOIC said further, "This delay will not deter us from our steadfast mission to offer a city so deeply imbued in technology and dominated by multi-billion dollar tech companies, with a safe, family-friendly, offline space that fosters happiness and joy."

Peskin says it was "presumptuous" of the Museum of Ice Cream to begin touting its upcoming mezzanine bar before it had the proper OKs from the city. And, says Peskin, "they didn’t really make a good case for it" anyway.

Following the MOIC's initial sell-out frenzy when it first debuted in 2017, tickets are no longer quite so impossible to get. Taking a quick look at availability for this weekend, while most time slots are sold out, pairs of tickets are still available as of this writing for a few slots on both Saturday and Sunday.

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