33-year-old software engineer Amy Wibowo created an ingenious hack for never losing her Clipper Card by removing the chip inside and embedding it in an attractive ring that she wears on her finger.

The ring actually scans at BART turnstiles, and as Wibowo explains to KRON 4, this was actually her third attempt — and she isn't planning to market these rings at the moment, just to inspire others.

Wibowo created the ring by soaking a Clipper Card in acetone for three days, and then removing its RFID chip and antenna. She says the antenna will still work as long as it's kept in a coil.

She then embedded the antenna and chip inside plastic resin, and added some tiny flower petals. And ta-dah: a wearable transit pass that looks like legit hipster jewelry.

Wibowo says her first attempt didn't actually scan, and the second try worked, but it was ugly. Third time's a charm, though, and below you can see Wibowo loading her Clipper ring at a BART fare machine.

BART said on Twitter that as long as the thing scans, they'll accept it.

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