Just about everybody's favorite local movie theater since it opened four years ago, Alamo Drafhouse, is set to launch a new subscription service along the lines of the troubled MoviePass.

Company founder and CEO Tim League tells Business Insider that he's been pleased with data coming out of two beta tests of the Alamo Season Pass program in Yonkers, New York and Raleigh, North Carolina, and the company is getting ready to roll it out at its theaters nationwide later this year.

The subscription will cost $20 a month — though League cautions that it may be slightly higher in certain locations like Brooklyn, so that might include SF too — and that entitles pass holders to unlimited movies in 2D or 3D, just no special screenings that have special screening prices.

You order tickets on Alamo's site just like you normally would — and one could wager that this program could make it all the harder to snag last-minute tickets at Alamo Drafthouse in the Mission depending on how many people sign up for the program.

League says that they saw 40,000 people sign up for the waitlist in Yonkers in less than a month.

And despite its well reported troubles, League says that MoviePass still is an inspiration.

"I really admire what MoviePass did to disrupt this industry," League says to Business Insider. "To say, 'Hey, there might be another way that actually works.'"

Alamo Drafthouse's movie-ticket subscription plan will launch in all its theaters by the end of the year [Business Insider]