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As Apartment Sadness returns following a lengthy hiatus (see the last edition from Sept. 2017 here), I bring you screenshot of a Craigslist listing that appears to have already gone missing from the site — or perhaps this offer was just so good that someone snapped it up since this was live this morning!

Suffice it to say it's a teeny tiny charmer in the wilds of Sunnyvale, somewhere within walking distance of Caltrain, that is billed as a "1br" and as a "new built" detached studio. Clocking in at 100 square feet, the enterprising landlord who threw up this shack in their backyard is asking $1175/month.

As you can see, there is not room to both open the futon couch/bed and walk through the space. There is also no effort made to enclose the toilet. It's basically an all-in-one, eat/sleep/cook/shit/shower airplane lav situation, though the ceiling does appear to be regulation height. Also: two skylights and what appears to be an air conditioning/heating unit mounted on the far wall.

I can not blow up any of the thumbnail images there, which is unfortunate, because I know you could really use a more thorough look around this place. But there aren't a whole lot more necessary angles! It's more like a dog house for a human: just enough room to turn around and lay your head.

There is a mini-fridge, and the tenant here will have to make up for the lack of a closet with under-futon boxes, I suppose. There is the one cabinet/shelf unit there for toiletries and towels.

Also, this place comes with a "private entrance," which appears to be a narrow walkway along a fence to the yard where this trailer thing has been plopped. And there's an 80-square-foot "enclosed patio."

But hey, it's got plumbing! It probably hasn't been well tested and this might not be to code (which is why the listing disappeared), but what do you want for $1175?

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