The trailer just dropped for the second season of Brit Marling's creepy surreality series The OA, and surprise! It takes place in San Francisco now.

Netflix's The OA, created and produced by Marling and Zal Batmanglij, premiered to immediate accolades (and some confusion) back in 2016. Without giving any spoilers, I'll just say the series centers on a woman named Prairie Johnson who reappears after mysteriously going missing seven years earlier — and she was blind when she disappeared, and suddenly she can see. It turns out she had a near-death experience, and she was kidnapped on her 21st birthday by a mad scientist who's experimenting on people who had near-death experiences. The whole near-death thing turns out to be a way to transport into another dimension, or something, and these NDEs give Prairie psychic powers, and there's a weird dance routine involved.

In Season 2, which is being called "Part II," Prairie wakes up in a hospital in 2016, only it's not the 2016 we all lived through, and the nurse has no idea who Barack Obama is.

There's something going on about parallel universes and alternate dimensions, and Prairie and her friends all work to figure this out while running around San Francisco and the greater Bay Area.

The trailer features pretty shots of the Ferry Building at night...

...a boat on the Bay...

...BART running through West Oakland at sunset...

...and the C&H Sugar plant in Crockett, next to the Carquinez Bridge.

Bay Area-based Netflix has announced some high-profile cancelations in the last year, but it's still set to produce 90 original movies per year and dozens of original series.

The OA: Part II premieres on March 22.