Well this is hilarious. The Stockton Metropolitan Airport has been trying to rename itself the San Francisco-Stockton Regional Airport, seemingly in a bid to attract unwitting tourists who have no idea how far away it is, and officials at San Francisco International Airport are trying to put a stop to this.

As KCRA is reporting, the San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors was set to vote on the name change Tuesday, however they've decided to postpone the vote after receiving a strongly worded letter from SFO.

SFO Airport Director Ivar Satero writes to the board, "We formally object," and says that such a name change "is likely to cause confusion or mistake among the public in suggesting a relationship or connection between the two airports that does not exist." He adds, "The new name ... suggests to consumers that the Stockton Metropolitan Airport is closer to San Francisco than it actually is or that there is great and readier availability of transportation options between Stockton and San Francisco than there actually are."

As the Chronicle reports, the idea for this name change appears to stem from a marketing study commissioned by Stockton airport director Harry Mavrogenes, who is now kind of backtracking given SFO's objection. He said he supported the board's decision to postpone the vote, and said he was glad that "so much light got shined" on the topic of the renaming.

Rep. Jackie Speier, in whose district SFO lies, suggested diplomatically in a statement to Mavrogenes that there are "less confusing ways to achieve your goal" of marketing the airport.

Already on the airport's website, there are photos of San Francisco and copy that suggests that the airport "makes entering the Bay Area market an affordable business move," and it's "Northern California’s airport of the future."

Per KCRA, a vote on the renaming is "off the table for now and isn’t expected to resurface anytime soon."