Faithful newshounds might recall last month's tale of a seemingly troubled woman who repeatedly used BART's trains as restrooms. We now have an update, it seems, as BART has announced they've nabbed the alleged culprit.

Back in September commuter Allen Nunley went to BART with video he captured of the woman copping a squat as she rode the train, but after no response from the transit agency he took his video to the media, saying “As BART riders, we pay a lot of money to ride BART, and it’s just really ridiculous that BART staff cannot do anything about that."

"Everyone on the train is just covering their mouths and everything. They just can’t deal with it either. This particular time I just had enough.”

Nunley is likely pleased, then, to hear that BART staff has done something: According to KRON 4, the woman was arrested by BART police Friday, after yet another rider posted photos of the suspect as she went about her business.

This time, it was BART rider Susan Greenlee Edwards who caught the suspect on camera "after watching her urinate at around 5:53 a.m. on the Pittsburg-Bay line heading into San Francisco." She sent the photos to KRON 4's Stanley Roberts, who posted them to Facebook and Twitter.

It was shortly after that that BART says they arrested the woman, taking her "into custody for a no-bail warrant."

But while BART tweeted happily regarding the catch... turns out the arrest us un-pee-related. Instead, Roberts reports, she was arrested by BART police for "active warrants" including the no-bail one, which was for "fire related crimes."

She also had "methamphetamine products" on her person, BART spokesperson Alicia Trott (who, interestingly, says the situation only came to BART's attention "about a week ago" despite a September report on the woman's alleged behavior) says.

But since the suspect wasn't ticketed for her alleged bathroom behavior — according to Roberts, despite the ample photographic evidence BART cops won't ticket her unless they see her dropping a load in person or riders make a "citizen's arrest" — she won't be banned from the system. That means that when she's released from jail, there's nothing stopping preventing her future pit stops on one of the transit agency's trains.

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