The Conservatory of Flowers has announced that their popular Summer of Love-anniversary projection-mapped light show, Photosynthesis, will continue to be shown through November 26th. In a press release, they write that the project was originally scheduled only to run through this weekend, with a final performance on October 21st. But it proved to be popular enough that they've decided to keep the lights on for another month.

We shared a sneak preview of the show back in June, and while there are plenty of photos and videos to see all over the internet by now, believe me when I say that it's a spectacle you need to see in person if you haven't already.

The creative team behind the Conservatory of Flowers installation, Illuminate, worked with Dogpatch-based Obscura Digital, also created a similar project for the Exploratorium, titled Emergence, and in this Creators Project video, they show the painstaking work they put into making sure that their projection lined up perfectly with the Exploratorium's exterior.

In their blog post about Photosynthesis, they explain how they used the same process — laser scanning the building, creating a 3D model of it — to perfectly map their projections on to the surface of the building. It's a fascinating process, and it makes for a great show, as the details of the projection wrap seamlessly around the building itself. That's no easy feat for a building with as much texture as the Conservatory.

Also upcoming for Illuminate, the first week of November, is this Harvey Milk-inspired installation in the Castro, at Harvey Milk Plaza.

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