The latest season of South Park has been taking shots at the way technology has taken over our lives in absurd ways — see the season opener and all of its jokes about the Amazon Echo and other robot home devices, and the second episode in which dozens of children are killed by drivers distracted by Trump's tweets popping up on their phones. And this week's episode took aim at Facebook and the scourge of fake news, and depicts Mark Zuckerberg as a bumbling, relentlessly annoying nerd with a dubbed video game voice, stealing from peoples' refrigerators and engaging in fake kung fu fights with people, repeating "You think you can block me? I will not be blocked."

As with most South Park episodes, there are a couple of running jokes that play out, and the other main one is Netflix's indiscriminate green-lighting of new series, which Cartman and the gang intend to exploit to launch their own superhero franchise, titled Coon and Friends. As the boys begin plotting out the phases of the franchise movie rollout, beginning with a Netflix series because they will "literally buy anything you pitch them," they discover that someone calling themselves Professor Chaos (Butters) is spreading fake news about them to their Facebook followers including saying "that we burn the American flag and pee in each others' mouths and stuff."

The boys then confront Butters, after Zuckerberg has arrived in town at the invitation of the townspeople, and Zuckerberg comes to Butters' defense, saying that anyone can be personally defended by Zuckerberg by paying him $17.23. In the end, the police chief makes everyone admit that they invited Zuckerberg into their lives and now they're powerless to get rid of him (as one townsperson says, "But he's such a penis."), and the boys end up being able to turn the power of Facebook against Zuck himself.

CNet notes that this episode comes just as Zuck was making a penis of himself in real life, showing off an Occulus VR headset and high-fiving a colleague using the backdrop of storm-ravaged Puerto Rico.

See the full episode below.

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