The apparent murder-suicide inside a parked car on a quiet Dolores Heights Street two weekends ago, which we learned a bit more about early last week, was allegedly the culmination of a long and volatile relationship between two people who met very young and had a child in their teens. The Chronicle delves into the tragic story which left 20-year-old mother, performer, and makeup enthusiast Susana Robles Desgarennes dead along with her ex-boyfriend, 24-year-old Angel Raygoza, whom she had apparently broken up with several weeks earlier.

Family friend Marlene Sanchez tells the paper that while Robles Desgarennes had never obtained a restraining order against Raygoza, she confided that she was scared of him, and that she wanted to stay someplace where Raygoza couldn't find her.

Robles Desgarennes had been staying with her sister, and the Saturday morning that she died, Raygoza had come by the sister's apartment to drop off their four-year-old daughter. He allegedly seemed "really normal and really nice," and offered Desgarennes a ride to school. (She was taking classes at City College and hoping to launch her own makeup line.) That was the last time anyone would see the pair alive.

Robles Desgarennes moved to the US from Mexico 10 years ago, and she apparently had little family nearby besides the sister, Paola Desgarennes, 23. She fell in love with Raygoza at a young age, and had a daughter with him, named Angel, when she was 16, and spent time living with Raygoza's family.

Mission Local reports, via the Desgarennes family, that Raygoza had allegedly been abusive in the past, but the family was still trying to piece together what happened. She had only cut things off with him two weeks earlier, and was staying temporarily with the sister and a roommate.

Friends tell the Chronicle that these had perhaps been two of the best weeks of Susana's young life, finally free from what was apparently an oppressive situation.

The SFPD investigation into the case remains open, however Police Chief Bill Scott had already suggested to the Police Commission last week that it was indeed a murder-suicide and no other suspects were at large.

A GoFundMe campaign is ongoing to raise funds to help with the immediate and ongoing care of Robles Desgarennes's daughter.

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