The "elaborate, dark, Disney-esque" tourist attraction at Fisherman's Wharf called "The Dungeon" (or the "San Francisco Dungeon") is upping its game with a special Halloween offering: a spooky overnight stay in their "Ghosts of Alcatraz" jail cell.

This room is normally part of their larger San Francisco Dungeon tour, and for two nights only, they're allowing a few guests to have a sleepover there. According to a press release sent to SFist, a night's stay includes:

  • Four twin-sized prison beds in the “Ghosts of Alcatraz Suite” jail cell
  • Dungeon issued PJs and midnight snacks
  • A spooky bedtime story from a Dungeon resident before being tucked-in for a not-so-comfortable night’s sleep
  • VIP entry for each guest to the final San Francisco Dungeon show of the evening on the night of their stay
  • For those who survive the night, breakfast in their cell bed will be provided along with a swag bag of Dungeon goodies including one Merlin Annual pass per guest (valued at $279 each), which provides access to more than 30 U.S. attractions

This could be a neat thing to do for Halloween, or it could just be awkward and not too restful. If you're into scary haunted house mazes, then you already know that San Francisco doesn't exactly have the biggest selection to choose from. The San Francisco Dungeon is one of the closest things we've got to a permanently-installed "haunted" experience, and from the looks of it, they know just how to really scare their guests. It stands to reason that this special attraction will be just as exciting, if not moreso.

We previously covered the 2014 opening of the San Francisco Dungeon, and since then, the tour has grown to include a few more attractions. One of those is the "Ghost of Alcatraz" section of the experience, where guests learn about how the prison was a military prison before it became a federal penitentiary — with a few scary twists, of course. The San Francisco Dungeon seems to mostly revolve around the scarier parts of the city's history, and that isn't a knock against it, per se. Consider it more a warning. If you're looking for something to take the kids to so they can learn some San Francisco history, maybe go ahead and skip this one.

It also isn't the first Bay Area attraction to feature a spooky overnight stay. The Winchester Mystery House ran a special sleepover party not too long ago following some major renovations to the house. Now, they offer a special Halloween "candlelight tour" with spooky effects.

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