If you were outside Sunday afternoon almost anywhere in the city you likely saw a big heart that was skywritten overhead. The skywriting was actually being done directly over the Golden Gate Bridge, and it was part of a planned event by the Marin-based Antenna Theatre to celebrate the last days of the Summer of Love anniversary. As Curbed explains, the event called for boaters in the Bay to fly flower flags, and there was a fundraising effort by the theater groups as well, which raised over $4,000. (Unfortunately that is short of the $7,000 they said the skywriter was going to cost them, so perhaps consider chipping in.)

"There is a magical city called San Francisco," writes company artistic director Chris Hardman. "We know how this magic city came about. It was through tolerance, diversity and equality. The Summer of Love revealed the key to this magical city, so join us to commemorate this love."

Hardman conceived of the skywriting thing over the bridge as a way "to gather the tribes to express our common love near the Golden Gate Bridge, to bridge our differences and to unite us."

Many probably just thought it was a nice little gift that was visible across the city, as you can see in postings below.

The Antenna Theatre actually produces a San Francisco tourist experience called The Magic Bus, in which a "hippie" tour guide takes people on a multi-media bus tour of the city, culminating in a visit to the Haight. The Magic Bus has been an ongoing "production" for the group since 2010.

The grand finale of the Summer of Love came, as Curbed reminds us, on October 6, 1967, when the Diggers staged a ceremonial funeral procession on Haight Street to mark the "death of the hippie."

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