A police chase Wednesday morning on I-80 ended in a standoff with the suspect's apparently disabled SUV sitting still in the middle of the freeway in Emeryville, with eastbound traffic barely moving and westbound traffic completely halted behind a line of Richmond Police vehicles with guns drawn. Shots were fired, and CBS 5 reports that the suspect was shot.

Details about the chase and the suspect are unknown at this time, but we know that a spike strip laid out earlier had likely destroyed the SUV's tires and brought the car to a stop on the freeway around 9 a.m.

Reports on Twitter say that KRON 4 may have aired what was a fatal officer-involved shooting live on the air, but that footage is not in the report you see here.

Per CBS 5, "Eventually, the male suspect held his hands out of the window without a weapon in them, but when he opened the door and stepped out, he appeared have drawn a gun and aimed it at the officers."

We'll update you as we learn more.