Just in time for Folsom Weekend, Oasis co-owners and drag powerhouses Heklina and D'Arcy Drollinger have unveiled a new billboard on top of their SoMa nightclub which you can see above. Lately they've been using the billboard for their own promotion and for pieces like this one, renting it from Clear Channel. (As D'Arcy explains, "the rep is a fan of what we’re doing and an ally.")

That's D'Arcy on the left and Heklina holding the spray can on the right, gleefully spraying "GAY" over "GREAT" on a MAGA sign.

The billboard was created by David Helton and Jeff Kaluzny, and Heklina explains, "The idea came out of a conversation with the fabulous Sister Roma. Being drag performers, our politics are often seen through a lens of comedy. D’Arcy and I had talked about how to use the billboard space... [And] instead of promoting a specific show, [we thought] why not create statement billboards that are more like stand-alone art pieces. And this one is up in time just in time for the Folsom Street Fair."

D'Arcy adds, "We think of ourselves as a club house. And in that respect want to amplify the voices of the people the community. This billboard is definitely a response the political climate we are all inundated with on a daily basis, but more over it’s a call to action to not hide and instead to celebrate who we are."

You'll see it if you're driving by the club at 11th and Folsom one of these days.