As we learned right after he was fatally shot in the Tenderloin two weeks ago, local character, artist, DJ, and nightlife personality Bubbles was planning to leave San Francisco for good to move to Berlin within a month or so. Now, today, via DJ Buckner Williams, we learn of a recording Bubbles made in July, shortly after coming back from his most recent trip to Berlin. The one-hour-and-twenty-minute recording, which is primarily Bubbles speaking extemporaneously over electronic tracks being laid down by Williams, is a sort of goodbye letter to San Francisco, where Bubbles had lived for over 20 years — made all the more poignant now.

Meanwhile, another local DJ, Jim Hopkins of the San Francisco Disco Preservation Society, is seeking recordings of Bubbles's own DJ sets.

As Williams explains on Soundcloud:

Bubbles came over to my studio one early Monday morning right after returning from his Berlin trip because he had some stuff to get off his chest and wanted my help. He had made up his mind about leaving San Francisco to live in Berlin but before he could leave us, he needed to reminisce a little. So over the course of the next hour and a half, with [him] on the microphone and myself weaving a mix of original music stems and released tunes, we recorded. Here is the result of that Monday morning's off-the-cuff love letter of leaving from Bubbs. I miss ya, double bubble, you f**ker.

The spoken word starts around the 3:45 mark, and it includes the sound of Bubbles doing whip-its, and talking about how much he loves Berlin. "Berlin in the summertime... it's f***in crazy!... Berlin is like no other place. I never felt like I belonged anywhere, ever," Bubbles says. "Well, maybe San Francisco in 1994. I thought I belonged there then, that time, that place... it's lost its soul."

"Berlin is very special. It's the mecca for everybody who doesn't belong anywhere else," Bubbles says. "Yeah, the clubs, they remind me of the time I spent at Burning Man, but it's the real-life sh*t!... Berlin is the best place I've been in my whole life. I can't even believe how magical it is."

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