A rumored story that was being perpetuated last week by Kyle "Based Stickman" Chapman regarding a Ben Shapiro supporter getting stabbed in the neck by "Antifa terrorists," and which was subsequently spread around by the likes of Milo Yiannopoulos and other right-wing sources, has been roundly denied by Berkeley police, and does appear, pretty definitively, to be fake news. Whether or not injured protester Celeste Paradise fell off of a light pole base that she had climbed on to or was pushed appears to be a point of contention, however Paradise only suffered a minor concussion and bloody lip, and no stabbing occurred, despite the proliferation of a hashtag "#prayforher" and allegations of a coverup, as NBC Bay Area reports.

The conflicting information highlights the hunger on the right and alt-right ends of social media for a victim to hold up in comparison to Heather Heyer, who was killed in Charlottesville last month after a car plowed into a group of counter-protesters there — those on the left whom the alt-right broadly refers to as "antifa," short for "anti-fascist."

Video and tweets below show the scene immediately after Paradise ended up on the ground, and when police and paramedics arrived.

Chapman was ordered by a judge to remain away from a rally in Berkeley on August 27, as a condition of his bail, as he is facing felony charges stemming from earlier rallies in the city in which he became a Twitter meme hero for the alt-right for arriving in full battle gear, with a stick and shield, and allegedly beat leftist counter-protesters with the stick. He has more recently given public speeches advocating violence against Muslims, and suggesting that there is a "war on Whites" in Western civilization. He was a scheduled speaker at the canceled "Patriot Prayer" rally at Crissy Field in San Francisco.

ABC 7 followed up with Ms. Paradise, who does not claim to have been stabbed, but she does suggest that Berkeley police are lying when they said she told them she fell on Thursday night.

"I don't know how anyone can look at this and not see there was an altercation. I was not simply pushed, I was grabbed and thrown down."

She adds, regarding the police statement, "They don't have to say I said I tripped because I know what I felt and there were people yelling at me and saying 'we will 'f' you up' and all that stuff."

Jose Ornelas, who was at the scene but did not witness the incident with Paradise directly, tells ABC 7 he wouldn't be surprised it police were downplaying what happened so that they could continue to say that the protests went off without incident.

No other serious injuries were reported during Thursday's event, though nine arrests were made, a couple of those for suspicion of battery.

A few dozen people can be seen in the video below peacefully marching down Durant Street shouting "Nazi scum get off our streets," following Chapman and Amber Cummings, a right-wing activist who was the original organizer of the August 27 "anti-Marxism" rally in Berkeley that resulted in some violence.