An Outer Richmond driver had a lucky escape Wednesday, when he emerged unscathed after an enormous tree fell on the car he was inside.

CBS 5 reports that the gigantic tree toppled at around 3 p.m. Wednesday, near the corner of 38th Avenue and Clement Street.

When it fell, it landed on "several parked cars and one Porsche that was driving up Clement," they report. By around 4 p.m. crews with the San Francisco Fire Department had extricated the driver.

“I was just driving and — uh, lucky day — the tree just fell on my car,” the rescued man told CBS 5.

“They had to chainsaw me out. I was literally stuck, so they just chainsawed me out.”

ABC 7 identifies the trapped man as SF resident Brian Cummings.

According to ABC 7, Cummings "was shaken up by the ordeal but otherwise unharmed."

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