The Oakland Athletics no longer rank dead last in Major League Baseball attendance. They now rank second-to-dead last, according to the latest Major League Baseball attendance report. The Oakland A’s are garbage. They are an irrelevant team stuck in the American League West basement. The A's continued existence is based on MLB revenue-sharing subsidies that will soon be eliminated. And the Oakland A’s coliseum is so crap-tastic that the dugouts have been flooded with raw sewage not one, not two, not three, but four times in recent years.

But the A's may yet return to their glory days of Moneyball, mustacheball, or an era even greater than those. Socketsite reports that the A’s have settled on a new Peralta Community College stadium site near the Lake Merritt BART station, in hopes of freeing themselves from the albatross of the hopelessly outdated Oakland Alameda County Coliseum that can (rightfully) be blamed for all of the above-mentioned problems.

“The Peralta Site represents the best opportunity to keep Oakland’s last professional sports team in Oakland for the long term,” A’s president Dave Kaval writes in a letter to potential hosts Peralta Community College. “Within walking distance of BART, City Center, Uptown, and Lake Merritt, this site is the most transit-friendly of all the options and will allow the A’s to create an authentic ballpark that celebrates the best of Oakland.”

But if you think the Oakland A’s can just up and move to any new stadium site of their choosing, then I’ve got an Oakland A’s ballpark in Fremont I’d like to sell you. Having been forced to eat raw sewage and stay in Oakland against their will, the Peralta location is the fifth proposed baseball-only park site the A’s have pursued since the mid-2000s. This proposed site — and we cannot emphasize the term “proposed” enough, given that the A’s are on their 15th consecutive of year of attempting to get a new stadium — is about a half-mile from the Howard Terminal site they explored for a new stadium last summer.

“If this was easy, it would’ve been done already,” former A’s executive Andy Dolich told the New York Times. “It literally took eight years for the Colosseum in Rome to be built, and we’re on Year 12, 13 or 14 of this.”

A new baseball-only Oakland A’s stadium is a lovely idea, and the Bay would benefit tremendously from it. Now let’s take a look at why this plan seems as doomed as all the previous attempts. Peralta Community College owns the land. Next door neighbor Laney College is dead set against having the A’s move in. Even Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf prefers the A’s play at a different site. The A’s need some allies to pull this off, but they haven’t bothered building any alliances yet.

And the A’s need to make some new history, because their Moneyball history has officially lost its luster. Those 2002 A’s no longer hold the record for the longest winning streak in American League history, as the Cleveland Ind-— err, Tribe just broke that record with their 21st consecutive win.

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