Aww, some nice PR for BART for a change. BART just posted this video, apparently produced by their in-house communications team, highlighting the work of the guys who power-wash all the grime (and poop!) off station stairwells and other surfaces in the BART system.


You may have seen them before in downtown Oakland or San Francisco, covered head-to-toe in protective gear and wielding a heated high-pressure washer wand. They’re BART’s brightening crew, and they’re on a deep cleaning mission to blast away the dirt (and blood, and vomit, and human waste) mucking up our stairwells.

For obvious reasons, they need that protective gear.

"Every day at least five to ten people say 'thank you,'" says one of the guys.

They say they concentrate on "the heart of the system," and this video they're power-washing the often very gross stairs at the entrances to Civic Center Station.

The video itself is very satisfying to watch, and as one of the crew puts it, the job is "instant gratification."

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