For once, Dolores Park was not the site of a major, deplorable mess over the holiday weekend, and that's largely because it was too damn hot to be in the park, and most people either sought out shade, air conditioning, swimming pools, or a beach on which to cool off. But the result of the crowds was, of course, over-flowing trash bins as well as trash-strewn sections of sand at Ocean Beach, Baker Beach and Marshall's Beach.

"There's trash all around," visitor Jessica Feeney told NBC Bay Area as they surveyed the mess at Ocean Beach on Monday. "I had the feeling: Should [my two-year-old] be walking in the sand? Is there gonna be broken glass? People don't clean up what they bring in. It's such a shame."

Indeed, NBC's cameras found at least one broken glass bottle in the sand, as well as plenty more crap scattered about, and some over-flowing trash bins along the sea wall — a very familiar site at the perimeter of Dolores Park, where many have noted there simply aren't enough bins to accommodate the weekly output of park-goers.

And, of course, leaving trash on a beach is even worse than leaving it to be picked up by Rec & Parks employees in Dolores — the tide comes up and your trash ends up polluting the ocean.

Below is a picture of the trailhead at Marshall's Beach on Sunday morning, following one of the busiest beach days of the year on Saturday — it's unclear why federal park rangers had not yet been by to collect the trash that was piled around the over-flowing bins.

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