It was fancy car v fancy car on Van Ness Avenue Monday afternoon, when the driver of a sliver Mercedes smashed into the front of a San Francisco Tesla dealership.

CBS 5 reports that the crash occurred Monday at the intersection of Van Ness and O'Farrell Street.

According to an SFMTA spokesperson who talked to the Chron, a little before 2 p.m. the driver of the Mercedes "apparently tried to change lanes, hit the curb then panicked and hit the gas...The driver reportedly hit a tree, a mailbox, a Muni sign and a traffic control box before running into the dealership."

The driver, who the Chron says was injured in the crash, "smashed through the large plate glass window, sending debris and a huge piece of glass onto the sidewalk," CBS 5 reports.

The damage to the traffic control box knocked out the traffic lights at the intersection, the Chron reports, but though "Red flashing lights were installed within 15 crossing the intersection still frequently stopped and honked at each other."

If those cars were really honking at one another without driver intervention, as that sentence suggests, Elon Musk is right: The AI rebellion has truly begun, and this was merely an opening salvo in the war between the cars. Pick your side now, weak and fleshy humans!

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