After the surprise shuttering of Mamacita in March, we heard that because of an ownership split, partners Stryker Scales and chef Sam Josi were planning a new concept in the space as partner Nate Valentine was moving on to other ventures. It turns out that new concept is a Japanese izakaya with the name Mamanoko, which has a URL but no live website yet.

Tablehopper has a first look at the place, now that it is softly open, and she shares, "There is also an eight-seat sushi bar they added, helmed by Taka Iwamoto, who is offering a nice selection of nigiri, sashimi, and a range of rolls," and there is also "an izakaya-style menu of bar-friendly bites like dumplings, tataki, skewers, tempura, sliders (including pork tonkatsu), and snacks."

Check out the full menu here.

With a full liquor license, the place now boasts a selection of Japanese whiskies in addition to sakes, beer, and more.

Scales and Josi previously had a Japanese restaurant in the Marina neighborhood, Umami, which closed in June of last year. So, Scales tells Eater, "Since we lost our lease at [Umami], we saw an opportunity — with a great space and a great location — to bring something back to the neighborhood that we knew was missing."

The name is of course a nod to Mamacita, and it translates as "mother's child" in Japanese.