You will all recognize the domed former church right across from Dolores Park at 20th Street, and many of you remember that it was converted into luxury condos in early 2016 where — oh my god I cannot believe I am typing this — a single unit rented for $28,000/month. But apparently all is not heavenly in that kingdom, as Curbed reports one of those units is back on the market for $6.7 million.

If you can make it through a realtor video without puking your guts out, above we see the video tour for this “one-of-a-kind luxury town hall complex for the discerning home owner.” Fortunately, though, this cringe-worthy real estate promotional video does not feature drag queen Carnie Asada. And did they mean "townhouse"?

But it’s fair to wonder — why is this place back on the market a mere 16 months after it last sold to Hive Communities, LLC, and for almost the exact same asking price? SocketSite did some digging and found that neighbors have been up in arms/bitching on NextDoor about possible illegal commercial use of the space. The Planning Department started cracking down on that kind of thing in the wake last December’s tragic Ghost Ship fire that took 36 lives.

“On December 5th, 2016, a new complaint was filed regarding 651 Dolores Street (aka 95 Cumberland),” Planning wrote in an email to SocketSite at the time. “The complainant alleged that the unit is being operated as office use and that the unit hosted a meditation event at the location. Our planners followed up with the contacts (the tenants and owner of 93 Cumberland). The owner of 93 Cumberland (The Light House Development, LLC) confirmed that they have no connection to 651 Dolores.”

That may be, but the realtor website for the Light House does list 651 Dolores as part of the complex, in addition to 93 Cumberland and 653 Dolores. And while the host of the meditation event insisted to Mission Local that it was non-commercial, SocketSite notes that “a new complaint alleging the ongoing use of the unit as an office and event space for Hive was filed last month.”

The building was originally Second Church of Christ, Scientist and was completed 100 years ago in 1917. The congregation was forced to sell the property when confronted with a $5 million earthquake retrofit bill.

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