The latest in the story of fired Google engineer James Damore is that he's hired a prominent conservative lawyer from San Francisco who was shortlisted for a possible post in President Trump's Justice Department. She is Harmeet Dhillon, and as Wired reports, she's seeking other potential plaintiffs in a lawsuit against Google over their liberal bias and anti-conservative discrimination. Specifically, on her firm's website, she says she's seeking other Google employees who were "written up for ‘un-Googly conduct’ for refusing to comply with the political orthodoxy at the company" or anyone who has been "Defamed/slandered/smeared/blacklisted at Google for your political views, or views about affirmative action at Google."

Dhillon has not confirmed what type of legal action she may be taking at this juncture, but as the Chronicle notes, "Dhillon has taken on other cases that push back against the Bay Area’s progressive tendencies." In one of those cases, she is representing the California Bail Agents Association "fighting a class-action lawsuit alleging that San Francisco’s bail system discriminates against poor people who can’t afford to post bond while awaiting trial in criminal cases."

About his choice of lawyer, Damore tells Wired, "I felt like it would be good to have someone that’s at least ideologically driven in some ways. I wouldn’t want someone that was against me and was only doing it to get the most money or something."

Damore lost his dream job at Google earlier this month after penning a widely circulated internal memo that, among other things, perpetuated a theory that women are biologically less well suited to be engineers. Damore reportedly wrote the memo on a plane, angry after having to attend a seminar on diversity and inclusion. After an outcry among employees and in the media, the company chose to terminate Damore on the basis that his memo violated Google’s code of conduct by perpetuating gender stereotypes. The ensuing outcry in conservative media circles has made Damore a new hero in the anti-political-correctness crusade.

Dhillon, a frequent invited commentator on Fox News, is helping to sue UC Berkeley on behalf of the Berkeley College Republicans and the Young America's Foundation over actions the university has taken to "restrict and stifle the speech of conservative students whose voices fall beyond the campus political orthodoxy." That lawsuit, which you can see here, was filed in April, and accuses university officials of engaging "in a pattern and practice of enforcing a recently adopted, unwritten and unpublished policy that vests in University officials the unfettered discretion to unreasonably restrict the time, place, and manner of any campus event involving 'high-profile speakers'."

Below you can see Dhillon being interviewed by Fox Business two weeks ago about a case in Los Angeles in which the city wants to know if any contractors are working on Trump's border wall.

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