Heidi Nunes-Tucker of Lafayette lost her husband, 42-year-old Jared Tucker in last week's terror attack in Barcelona. Now she's searching for a waiter spotted helping him in pictures posted to social media.

CBS 5 reports that Nunes-Tucker remains in Barcelona, after identifying the body of her husband last week. If you'll recall, the couple was celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary with Tucker's first trip to Europe and were shopping in a bustling part of Barcelona when a terrorist rammed a van into a crowd of hundreds.

The Tuckers became separated in the chaos so it wasn't until a day later that Nunes-Tucker learned for certain that her husband had died. Tucker was the only American citizen killed in the attack.

Tucker's father, Dan Tucker, told CBS 5 of a video the family spotted on social media. “He (Jared) had some blood on the side of his head and on his arm, but there was a person kneeling with him so we were encouraged to think it was an injury and not anything serious. But he wasn’t moving,” explained Tucker.

The family hopes to find the man, whom they believe to be a waiter, and thank him. Nunes-Tucker remains in Barcelona while Tucker's body is prepared for a return to the Bay Area.

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