A woman from Galt, California in Sacramento County recently walked into an animal shelter there asking for "the oldest dog you have, and the one no one wants to adopt."

The Today Show just did a feel-good segment on Melani Andrews, who just last week walked into Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento and took home 12-year-old Jake, a stray with terminal cancer and skin troubles shelter who a shelter spokesperson nonetheless says is a "good boy."

Andrews lost her husband in January, and then lost her dog a month a later, and by last week she was ready to bring another dog, preferably one who'd been overlooked, into her life.

From the Today Show piece:

"He isn't well enough for trips to the beach but he's very fond of being in the backyard 'and tormenting the dog next door through a hole in the fence,' Andrews said."

The pair take short walks around the neighborhood, which suits them both. When done with that, Jake likes to curl up under a fleece blanket on a chair or on Andrews' bed.

Andrews says she hopes to make Jake happy, and comfortable, for as long as possible, and a rep from the Front Street Animal Shelter hopes that her story will encourage more people to adopt senior dogs.

[h/t: Laughing Squid]