It’s been ten whole days since the sinking Millennium Tower has been in the news, which is pretty good for the troubled development that. But attorneys for homeowners suing Millennium partners insist the problem is getting worse. San Francisco Business Times reports that those attorneys submitted a legal filing Monday that showed the building will tilt an additional 10 inches by 2019.

Lawyers for the jilted, tilted condo buyers insist this is why their case needs to go to trial immediately. “At the current rate of tilt, even a two-year delay could add another 8" to 10" of tilt to the west. Prompt corrective action is required to limit further damage to the Tower,” the filing says, according to NBC Bay Area. “Nothing stands in the way of saving Millennium Tower from further tilting except the unwillingness of the responsible parties to pay for the required repairs.”

Not surprisingly, attorneys for Millennium Partners reject these claims, saying the building “remains structurally and seismically safe.” They even go so far as to blame the tilt on other development projects like the neighboring Transbay/Salesforce Transit Center, claiming there is “ample evidence” that adjacent construction and water removal is “a significant cause of the tilt.”

Judge Curtis Karnow was not moved enough to speed up the trial’s schedule. Quite the opposite, Karnow delayed several major decisions in the case until October, giving the developers, builders, engineers, homeowners, and the city more time to prepare their cases.

The 45-story tower has sunk 17 inches since its 2009 completion.

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