A shooting at Dolores Park injured three people Thursday afternoon, including a small child, one witness says.

According to San Francisco Police Department spokesperson Officer Robert Rueca, the shots were fired at 3:05 p.m. Thursday, striking at least three people.

An area resident who spoke with SFist says "I was at home working when I heard 'pop-pop-pop-pop,' maybe six shots. Then I saw people running up the hill."

A parkgoer who spoke with Mission Local says that “I heard five or six shots, a lot of shots, a young kid…and and old guy who was shot in the leg, I think the young kid was more serious.”

“I was just was walking here from work…everyone ran down the hill, everybody ran out of the park,” the witness says.

Rueca says that all three victims were transported to an area hospital for treatment, but did not have any details on the suspect or the victims and their medical status as of publication time. The SFPD says they'll be briefing media on the case this afternoon, but have yet to confirm when that press conference will occur.

As the area is an "active crime scene," Rueca says that police are "advising people to avoid the area for traffic closures."

Another witness to the shooting tells Mission Local that they might have spotted the shooter. “I heard shots, I turned around, and I saw a guy with a gun…It was one person, but there were other people standing with him."

According to Rueca, the shooting suspect remains at large, and no arrests have been made as of 4 p.m. He asks that anyone anyone with information on the case call SFPD at 415-553-0123.

Update: The Chronicle has some more details from the scene, which include a description of some of the assailants as wearing "bandanas that all but covered their eyes." The shooting appeared to erupt out of a conflict between two groups of young men in their teens or early 20s on the bridge leading out of the park at 19th and Church. And one bystander named Hatter says he tried to intervene to calm the fight when someone shouted "They're strapped." Then six shots rang out injuring two in the immediate vicinity, and one minor. The two adult males victims are listed in critical condition and the condition of the minor is not being publicized.