The driver of an RV slammed into a tollbooth on the Golden Gate Bridge Wednesday, trapping its passengers inside the vehicle.

According to Bay City Newe, the crash went down at around noon, when the RV's driver "struck the left side of the No. 2 lane" in the toll plaza.

The vehicle had plenty of clearance to pass through the 10 feet, 6 inch wide lane, so it's unclear why the driver struck the toll plaza instead of gliding on through, bridge district spokesperson Priya Clemens told BCN.

The collision left the people inside the RV trapped, as "the only door to the vehicle was ripped off in the impact, and the vehicle was wedged into the toll booth," the Chron reports.

Human toll takers haven't worked inside the tollbooths since March of 2013, so there was no one inside the structure to be injured in the wreck.

It took the combined forces of the California Highway Patrol, firefighters from the Southern Marin Fire District, and Golden Gate Bridge workers to untangle the mess, in an effort that took a little less than an hour.

The RV's passengers suffered minor injuries and were treated at the scene, CBS 5 reports. The RV was towed to a nearby parking area, BCN reports, where it could be repaired. Clemens says that an estimate of the damage to the toll plaza isn't currently available, but when they total up the repair bill it'll be sent on to the driver's auto insurance company.

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