An American teenager who had just landed at SFO Tuesday afternoon on a Copa Airlines flight from Panama City was detained and sent for psychiatric evaluation after he opened one of the plane's overwing doors while on the runway, jumped down to the tarmac, and started running.

As NBC Bay Area reports, he was grabbed by some construction workers nearby and then taken into custody by police. He was then hospitalized, and an SFO spokesperson says he was uninjured and the runway was not affected in anyway.

Unlike a strong wind or slight rain, the incident caused no delays at the airport.

CBS 5 reports that the boy was 17 and Customs and Border Control is investigating the incident.

Copa Flight 208 had just landed at 2:30 p.m. today and was waiting to taxi to its arrival gate.

Photos from inside the plane show concerned crew and passengers gathered around the open emergency door, and a brief video below shows the plane sitting on the runway with that door open.