San Francisco's food delivery game is a tough one, you gotta admit. There's tons of competition, traffic is murder, and customers can be rude. But based on a video posted to Facebook by a customer of UberEats, at least one delivery driver is letting the stress of the profession get to him. Or maybe he's a troubled person who shouldn't be in the service industry in the first place!

San Francisco resident Natasha Dalzell-Martinez‎ says via Facebook that on Wednesday evening, she placed her first-ever order with UberEats, the food delivery company launched in SF by the troubled ride hail company in August of 2015.

It did not go well.

According to Dalzell-Martinez‎, "The driver brought the wrong order, and when he returned with the correct order he was angry and agitated. He walked into my house, told me the error was my fault, yelled profanities, and kicked my door."

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The interaction was captured in part by her security camera, in video you can watch below.

You can also watch the unbleeped version on Facebook, if you'd like.

According to ABC 7, Dalzell-Martinez says "He actually gave me four salads instead of one salad and I figured he would be back."

Dalzell-Martinez: I opened the door and he actually walked in the house.

ABC 7's Lyanne Melendez: Uninvited?

Dalzell-Martinez: Uninvited. And said, 'You gave me the wrong order.' And I said, 'I gave you the wrong order?'

"His fuse was so short and that's what worried me," Dalzell-Martinez says. "And then he kicked the door. I could hear the door kicked and I could hear him yelling all the way back to his car."

In a response to Dalzell-Martinez's Facebook post, an unnamed UberEats staffer responds "Natasha, that is absolutely not the experience we aim to facilitate. Have you been able to connect with our team regarding this incident just yet? Please PM us your email address and any further details we may need so we can escalate this accordingly so we can connect with you."

In a statement sent to ABC 7, Uber says "The behavior seen in this video is unacceptable and we are continuing to look further into this." An email from SFist to Uber asking if the driver in the video was still with the company was not returned as of publication time.

But though the delivery ordeal is over (and, per ABC 7, refunded), Dalzell-Martinez is still anxious. "In fact this morning when I left I thought - what if he comes back?" she asks ABC 7.

"What if he spray painted? What if he came back? I was worried that he was going to come back."

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