In-N-Out Burger's secret menu, which is not a secret anymore, has been a fascination of the internet since around the beginning of the internet. But there are more secrets to the much beloved, mostly West Coast burger chain that have been revealed via a Reddit AMA with a current Associate at an unnamed California location of In-N-Out, including the revelation (which you may have heard) that they won't make 8x8's anymore.

The 8x8, for the uninitiated, is a quadruple Double-Double, or a burger with a stack of eight patties and eight slices of cheese on it, and this In-N-Out employee, whose Redditor name is booshley, explains that this particular secret menu item is a thing of the past. (See some YouTube evidence below of someone eating one in Utah as recently as 2012.) "We aren't allowed to make anything larger than 4x4's anymore," she says. "4x4's are already ridiculously hard to wrap and anything larger would just look like a total mess."

She explains further, "In N Out really prides itself on quality and presentation. So we can only fit 2 burgers and 2 fries on a tray at once without ruining the presentation." She adds that if you really want an eight-patty cheeseburger, you can order the extra cheese patties on the side of your 4x4 and assemble it yourself.

Booshley says her favorite secret menu item is the Flying Dutchman, which is just two burger patties, no bun, with melted cheese inside — and this, by the way, can be ordered Animal Style, as Serious Eats learned, with chopped onions in with the cheese and special sauce on the side.

She also says she really likes mustard-grilled burgers, which is something else you may not have known you can request — it's where the grill guy squirts mustard onto the patty before flipping it, so the mustard gets grilled into the meat. But she has gotten a little sick of the food, despite getting a free meal during each shift, and she says, "now I haven't eaten a burger from there in at least 2 months."

And in case you didn't know, you can customize everything as much as you want — and she even describes dealing with a customer who wanted lettuce that wasn't too green, or too yellow, and they gave him leaf-by-leaf lettuce approval.

In other revelations, cops in uniform get a discount on their orders, but otherwise there is no friends-and-family discount, and firemen get shafted. "This is because seeing an officer in uniform in the restaurant makes customers feel safer apparently," she says.

And this photo that has made the rounds claiming that In-N-Out makes a bacon cheeseburger is a hoax, she says — any loyal fan knows those are just the chopped grilled onions in that photo. There is no bacon at In-N-Out, and there will never be.

You probably already knew this, but because the company doesn't believe in freezing anything, all the meat they use has to be locally sourced, and the meat at the location she works at comes from a local California beef ranch.

And yes, those uniforms are very uncomfortable, especially the pants, and she adds, "The hats for girls are really annoying. We have to tuck our ponytails in and bobby pin the hat to our hair otherwise it will fall off. It's just a much bigger hassle than the hats the boys get to wear."

[h/t: SFGate]

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