The Alameda County Fair, usually a pretty peaceful holiday weekend event, was almost ruined by a troupe of ne'er-do-wells on the Fourth. 10 people ranging in age from 15 to 20 entered the fairgrounds and reportedly began starting multiple melees according to NBC Bay Area. This all happened in the lead-up to the fireworks show on Tuesday, and the Alameda County Sheriff's Office says that those arrested were accused of resisting arrest, battery, and assault.

The Chronicle reports that only seven were arrested, "mostly male juveniles," and one of the accusations was "failure to disperse." They report that no one was seriously injured in the fighting.

KTVU has raw video of one of the fights, which you can see above, which broke out as sheriff's deputies were arresting one young man, and another came up and punched him.

KTVU reports that "there were some baton strikes" by officers, and that tensions rose as they screamed at fairgoers in an attempt to get them to move back. They report that at least one fairgoer was asking for the officers to be more polite, saying "Say please, say please!" to one officer.

KTVU also reports via Sheriff's Department spokesman Sgt. Ray Kelly that 10 people were arrested in total.

Security is high at the fair for good reason. Some may remember that a shooting and subsequent stampede occurred at the Alameda County Fair in 1998, leaving 16 people injured, and shutting down the fireworks display for nearly two decades as a result. 22-year-old Jamai D. Johnson of Richmond was charged with attempted murder in that incident, which occurred because of a gang rivalry, and resulted in 10 people having non-life-threatening injuries. He was later convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and drug possession and sentenced to over 31 years in prison.